Diagnosis, Diagnostics and extensive podiatry treatments.

Diagnosis, Diagnostics and extensive podiatry treatments.

Diagnosis, Diagnostics and extensive podiatry treatments. Diagnosis, Diagnostics and extensive podiatry treatments. Diagnosis, Diagnostics and extensive podiatry treatments.

Our Services, Treatments and Prices

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New Patient Appointment

During your initial appointment full health check will be carried out - vascular assessment, neurological assessment, footwear assessment, physical activity questionnaire. All these things can affect your foot health and having this information will help the podiatrist tailor a treatment plan to your needs.

All new patients regardless of presenting complaint will be booked for a new patient appointment. 

Duration - up to 45 min Price £32

Nail Cutting & Treatment of Nail Conditions

Nail cutting service is available for everyone who need their nails cut.

After initial New Patient appointment, the podiatrist will assess suitability for this treatment. During this treatment only nails will be cut, however if your foot is painful and if any other issues/concerns will be found by the podiatrist a routine appointment will be offered to manage this. 

Nail cut only- duration 15min price £20

Different nail conditions can be managed during routine or emergency appointments can include but not exclusive to - thick nails, fungal nails, ingrown nails, detached nails.

Duration - up to 30 min Price from £32 (depending on nail condition)

Biomechanical Assessments

Is your Hip, Knee, Heel, Foot & Arch painful? 

Sometimes source of pain is not visible from outside. During Biomechanical assessment podiatrist would check all your joints and muscles to determine what 

the cause for discomfort is and offer treatment solutions. 

We can look at general foot pain, joint pain, muscle pain. Manage different injuries.

Duration up to 60 min Price £58

Removal of Corns & Callouses

Corns and hard skin can lead to further complications if untreated, they can become very painful . Podiatrist can remove the corns and/ or hard skin and offer advice to reduce the chance of getting a corn or to reduce build-up of hard skin.

Duration- up to 30 min Price £32

Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can be very painful, can bleed and are increasing risk of infection. Podiatrist can treat the heels, offer advice and monitor your foot health to prevent cracks from returning.

Duration - up to 30 min Price £32

Diabetic Assessments & Foot Care

If you have diabetes it is very important to check your foot health. Podiatrist offer yearly diabetic assessments which we will share with your surgery if you wish us to do so, and give you a copy to take home. These can be done as part of your appointment or as a standalone appointment. During this assessment we would check your sensation and circulation, and give any advice necessary fallowing findings.

Routine appointment- Duration up to 30 min Price £32 add on diabetic assessment Duration up to  45 min Price £39, stand alone diabetic assessment Duration up to 20 min price £25

cracked heels

Plantar Fasciitis

Not all heel pain is plantar fasciitis but it can be as painful. Through a thorough assessment podiatrist can determine of your heel pain is indeed plantar fasciitis. Apart of the management we can offer advice on stretching regime, offer insoles or apply tape to reduce the pain.

New patient appointment- Duration up to 45 min Price £32 Routine appointment duration up to 30 min Price £32

Extra cost for any insoles.

Sports Taping

Our podiatrists are trained in sports taping. If you have painful joints, joint weakness or you want to improve the range in your movements we have a taping technique for you.


For some conditions Biomechanical assessment is needed before tape can be applied.

Duration up to 15 min Price £20

Nail Surgery

Persistent ingrown and painful toenails can be partially (we only remove part of the nail) or completely removed (we remove the whole nail). Nail surgery is a minor surgical procedure that is done under local anaesthetic. Podiatrist will apply a chemical called phenol, once the nail is removed, to prevent the nail from growing back.

Nail surgery can be performed on other nail conditions but an assessment is needed before hand to establish suitability.

Call clinic for price or duration.

Skin and Nail Conditions

Podiatrist can offer consultation appointments on different skin and nail conditions and offer advice on treatment or management.

Consultation up to 30 min Price £20

Annual Foot Assessments and Treatment

You might not want or need to see a podiatrist on regular basis but want to come for a check-up once or twice a year. No problem, let us know on your initial appointment that that is your intention and we will tailor our treatment and advice according to this.

Duration up to 45 min Price £32

Toenail Re-construction

If your toenails are discoloured, damaged or not growing properly, podiatrist can re-construct the toenail so it looks as similar to the other toenails*. We use different colour gels and LED light to make a new toenails for you which will last for several weeks and can be painted like a normal toenails.


*slight colour variations might occur.

Duration min 45 min Price £35 for big toenail £10 for additional little toe

nail cut

Ingrowing toe nails

Sometimes toe nails can become ingrowing. They will be very painful , red, hot swollen or even infected. Podiatrist can remove the in growing part of the nail safely and with minimum discomfort.

Duration up to 45 min Price £45 Local anaesthetic can be administered during the procedure, however this is not always needed Price £20

Emergency Appointment

Emergency appointments can be suitable for people who need a fast pain relief. Painful corns, wound or problematic toe nail. 

Duration up to 30 min Price £25

Verruca Management & Advice

Podiatrist can manage your verruca (or several) and provide advice on treatment options. Plantar warts can be painful if left untreated and can be confused with corns, this is why we recommend getting these checked out. There are many new treatments available now and we can discuss which one is suitable for each individual. 

Please call clinic for duration and prices.

Insoles & Orthotics & Refurbishment

For some conditions insoles or orthotics can be prescribed. Podiatrist will manufacture these in the clinic or will send a prescription to the lab, and then they are adapted to fit your foot and to improve your health, all insoles / orthotics are made for the individual patient so a biomechanical assessment is needed to make the best device for you.

Insoles starting £20 Off  the shelf devices with modifications from £50 Semi bespoke devices £155

Refurbishment £30 (no need for appointment)

Steroid injection

Steroid injection for inflammatory conditions. Painful plantar fasciitis, Morton's Neuroma, Rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis and more. 

Duration up to 30min Price £80

*Consultation or New Patient appointment must be booked prior injection to assess suitability.

Dermal Fillers for Feet

Fillers can be utilised for the medical purpose of insulating or offloading points of pressure in the foot or toes. Dermal fillers can be injected underneath the corn to take the pain away and provide padding to prevent the corn from returning.

The procedure can vary between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Please contact the clinic for price.